The A.T. Guide
- A Handbook for Hiking the Appalachian Trail

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The A.T. Guide is the premier full-trail handbook for the Appalachian Trail.

  • Landmarks, mileages, and elevations for the entire AT.
  • Maps for 88 towns along the trail, and listings of services available along the way.
  • Elevation Profile maps.
  • Coordinates for over 200 trailhead parking areas, so you can use your GPS to find your way to the trail.
  • Triple shelter mileages: see the distance to the next three shelters in each direction.
  • Symbols for quick identification of services.
  • Book comes with a heavy duty zip-lock bag.
  • Northbound, Southbound, and loose-leaf editions available
  • 224 pages, approx 11.6 oz.

“A Walk in the Woods” movie starring Robert Redford, based on Bill Bryson’s best-selling book, will be in theaters 9/2/2015.  Want to take your own walk in the woods?  The first step is to get “The A.T. Guide”, which is indispensable for planning and for on-trail reference.  Nearly all thru-hikers use it.

Book and Maps

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