Detailed Download Instructions



Your PDF may be download to your mobile device in 3 easy steps:

  1. Install a PDF reader onto your mobile device (we recommend Foxit Mobile)
  2. Access your order confirmation email or login to your account downloads, click the download link, and wait until you see the guidebook open on your device.
  3. When you see the guidebook open on your device, click the share icon to send the file to your PDF reader of choice.


A PDF Reader is required to use the interactive PDF on mobile devices.We have set rights so that you are able to do anything with the file except copy and paste text and extract pages. Not all pdf readers are created equal. We have spent a lot of time testing the major players and recommend using Foxit Mobile PDF for best user experience. The FREE version of the app features:

  • Most importantly, the view controls are intuitive and user friendly.
  • It has plenty of markup and annotation tools.
  • It has a setting to instruct app to open where you last left off.
  • The free version is feature rich and ad free for in the areas you will want to use. The premium (paid) features of the app are not necessary at all.

iOS: Foxit MobilePDF | Android: Foxit MobilePDF | Windows: Foxit MobilePDF


When I click the download link It seems like nothing happens and I never see the file open. Your download is not completing. A successful download will result in seeing the file on screen.

  • The download is approximately 22.7MB. Make sure you have enough room on your mobile device.
  • If your first attempt was not successful, restart your mobile device and make sure you have a strong wifi signal before reattempting the download process.
  • Download the file to a computer and then send the file to your mobile device. You may do so by emailing utilizing a cloud file sharing app such as Dropbox, or utilizing a utility such as iPhone’s Airdrop to send the file to yourself.
I downloaded the file to my phone and saw it, but I can’t find it now. You have skipped the step of sending the PDF to your PDF reader of choice.

  • Repeat the download process. When you see the pdf, click on your mobile device’s share icon and select your pdf reader. After you share it to your PDF reader the file will be stored in that reader for daily use.
  • View our video installation instructions for more information about this step.
I can see the PDF open on my device but do not have the option to share it to Foxit Check to make sure Foxit is installed on your device 

  • Check to make sure Foxit has been installed on your device
  • If not, click links above to install the app on our mobile device (if already installed, move on to next tip)
  • Restart device and proceed with standard installation instructions

The default designated app on your mobile device for opening a PDF is not reading the share sheet

  • Instead of sharing to Foxit, share the PDF to Safari.
  • Once the PDF is open in Safari, resume installation instructions by clicking share and this time selecting the Foxit app.
  • This will use an extra download. If you run out of downloads, contact us and we will be happy to restore your attempts.

If you continue to have trouble you may also share the PDF with a cloud storage service such as Dropbox and then access it with Foxit.

  • Make sure your cloud service app is installed on your mobile device and you are logged in
  • Share PDF with cloud service app (In the same manner we suggested you share it with Foxit)
  • Open Foxit
  • Select “cloud” from the main menu
  • Select your cloud service name from the list
  • Navigate to the A.T. Guide PDF file and select
  • The file will be moved to your documents tab in Foxit
I have run out of download attempts but I still do not have access to my file. You have 5 attempts to download the file.

  • If you have had trouble and have depleted your downloads without success, email or call us for assistance and we will be happy to reset your downloads.
I can not find or never received my order confirmation with download link. If you know you received the confirmation email and can not find it:

  • Search your email for “Your A.T. Guide order has been processed”
  • Login to your download management console: (Your username is most likely your email address.)

If you never received your confirmation email most likely there is a typo in the email address submitted with your order.

  • Email or call us with your correct email address and we will be happy to correct your account username and resend your download link.
I’m having trouble logging into my account on
  • Most likely your username is your email address. If your full email address is not working try the part of your email address that comes before the @ symbol.
  • Go to, enter your username, and click the “Lost your password?” link.
  • Check your email for the link to reset your password.
My username is not working so I am not able request a new password.
  • Email or call us and we will be happy to send you your correct username and send you a link to reset your password.
I’m not able to highlight or make notes on my PDF. We have set rights so that you are able to do anything with the file except copy and paste text and extract pages. Not all pdf readers are created equal. If you are not able to annotate your PDF, change your pdf reader. See our recommendations above.
Foxit says that the “Foxit Drive” feature will be retired soon. What should I do?
Foxit Drive is just a feature of Foxit that serves as a cloud. You can disregard this warning because you will not need to use the Foxit Drive. Your PDF document will have been saved under the “Documents” tab, rather than the “Cloud” tab where Foxit drive is. When you are using the Foxit app make sure that you stay on the “Documents” tab. This is where your PDF will go when you copy it to Foxit. If you find yourself somewhere else in the app, you can click on the menu icon in the top left corner of the screen, which has three horizontal lines. Here you will be able to find the “Documents” tab.
If you try to enter the Foxit cloud, it will ask you to log in. Keep in mind that to use Foxit for viewing your AT Guide PDF, you will not be required to log in at any time.

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