Foxit says that the “Foxit Drive” feature will be retired soon. What should I do?

Foxit Drive is just a feature of Foxit that serves as a cloud. You can disregard this warning because you will not need to use the Foxit Drive. Your PDF document will have been saved under the “Documents” tab, rather than the “Cloud” tab where Foxit drive is. When you are using the Foxit app make sure that you stay on the “Documents” tab. This is where your PDF will go when you copy it to Foxit. If you find yourself somewhere else in the app, you can click on the menu icon in the top left corner of the screen, which has three horizontal lines. Here you will be able to find the “Documents” tab.
If you try to enter the Foxit cloud, it will ask you to log in. Keep in mind that to use Foxit for viewing your AT Guide PDF, you will not be required to log in at any time.

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