ATC The Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC) works with the National Park Service, 30 volunteer maintaining Clubs, and multiple other partners to engage the public in conserving this essential American Resource. – offers lightweight backpacking equipment. They carry their own line of specialized gear as well as great products from other manufacturers.
Backpacking Chef – Everything you need to know about making your own backpacking food.
Thru Eat – Backpacking recipes that are lightweight, nutritious, tasty and affordable
AT Mag – On-line magazine featuring A.T. articles, blogs, photos and advice. – A Guide to thru-hiking the Benton MacKaye Trail, new in 2010.
Peter Barr Peter Barr thru-hiked in 2010, using a GPS to waypoint the AT as he went. He was directly responsible for the huge addition of waypoints listed in The A.T. Guide, and for the removal of outdated ones. Peter is the author of Hiking North Carolina’s Lookout Towers. Peter’s website has an excellent discussion of the gear needed for an AT thru-hike.
Surv Dave Survivor Dave is a great source of help and info for getting you to the start of the A.T. He shuttles hikers from/to the Atlanta airport and north Georgia MARTA stations to/from A.T. and Benton MacKaye trailheads.
Trailjournals – is a great site to use for posting a journal for friends and family, or to read about the experiences of others.
Squatch Squatch is a hiker/filmmaker who’s latest documentary, “Flip Flop Flippin” captures the A.T. Experience.
Harmless Hiker Fishin’ Fred at Harmless Hiker Productions has a variety of trail goods, particularly hard-made hiker crafts, jewelry, and stickers.
Florida Trail Sandra Friend is a hiker and an author who has written a bunch of guides to trails in Florida.